Specification – General
Outer Shell Material: 100% Nomex111 a Plain Weave Fabric
Inner Shell: NOMEX 111A 65% FR Rayon 35% Plain Weave Fabric, PTEE Film
with laminating
Inner Shell for Quilting: NOMEX 111A 65% FR Rayon 35% Plain Weave Fabric
Inner Shell for Padding: NOMEX 111A 65% FR RAYON 35% Weave Fabric and
quilted with NOMEX 111A Pad
Cuff: 100% NOMEX 111A
Sewing Thread: 100% NOMEX 111A
The clothing consists of ¾ length of Jacket and Trousers. The suit is made from
outer fabric in (Dark Blue / Black / Yellow color) with insulating layer. All the layers
of the Jacket shall be bound together permanently and made from layers which
are worn together
The Jacket has wide sleeves that enable to put on naturally and prevent the
sleeves to be pulled up to the top when the wearer raise his arms.
The Jacket is fastened with sturdy zipper unfastened to the level of the crotch. In
the bottom part of the Jacket, there are two pockets covered with a flap fastened
with “Velcro”
In the upper part on the right breast there is a pocket fastened with a zipper in the
direction of the arm. Directly under the warning tapes, there are 2 badges and a
yoke made from outer fabric. The yoke is fastened on “Velcro” tape for sticking a
torch, signaling device without motion or Gloves
In the upper part of the Jacket, under the left pleat covering a zipper, a pocket is
provided fastened with a spiral zipper
In the front inner bottom of the Jacket, one or two pockets are sewn with “Velcro”
tape, foreseen for personal bandage
The trousers have elastic braces fastened with a snapped buckle that enables
regulation of the length. To the level of the knee an insert additionally sewn
protecting the knee joint. Any size of legs shall be easily placed inside the
In order to improve water resistance in the clothing, seams shall be secured by
tape or in other equivalent way.

Brand: Bulldozer

Origin: UK